Welcome to

Alpha GeoLogic

a geology, rare earth and mineral sands consultancy

Field Work

  • Site assessments
  • Representative Sampling
  • Mineral Processing: Separation and Concentration
  • Mapping and Reporting
  • Drill program management
  • Aerial surveys
  • Environmental Assessment and Mitigation plans

Geology & Mining Consulting

  • Mineral Resource Assessment
  • Material Characterization & Analysis
  • Lab Liaison Services
  • Data Interpretation
  • Document Review
  • Economic Scenario Modelling

Rare Earth Mineral Consulting

  • Domestic Raw-Material Supply Chains
  • Monazite and Xenotime specialization
  • Access to sellers and buyers
  • Thorium / Radioactive materials handling and mitigation

Mineral Product Development & Sales

  • Identify or develop applications for mineral products
  • Develop product quality specifications
  • Identify competitors, distributors, direct customers
  • Marketing Plans
  • Mineral Sand Sales and Training
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